Change to Change the World

St. Augustine’s is committed to changing the world for Christ. We encourage our parishioners to contribute their collected change on a weekly basis for worldwide missions. Through this, we support those who are doing the work of ministry in places we cannot go.

This is true Change to Change the World. 

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Bsp. Emmanuel Chemengich prayed over the motorbike when it was delivered to Rev. Bernard at the office of the Anglican Diocese of Kitale on July 13

St. Augustine's Change has raised funds necessary to purchase a much needed motorbike for the Rev. Bernard Wanyama, the Vicar of Kapsowar Missionary Area in Kenya. This dedicated priest has been caring for three new church plants in remote, mountainous areas of Kenya. Until now, he has had to spend many hours walking to each village to minister to his precious flocks. Now he is able to travel more safely and can spend additional time with each church encouraging them in the Lord. 

Another Change goal is to provide support for the Rev. Joseph Jocelyn in Haiti. This Anglican priest is overseeing eleven parishes in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere where 80% of the population lives in poverty. Our diocese, the ADLW, is strongly supporting Fr. Jocelyn and we intend to come alongside with prayers and much needed financial support.

Together, our small sacrifices can provide Change to Change the World.