Faith Mission

At St. Augustine’s, we believe we are changed by God to made a difference for God.  Reaching out to those in need is one tangible way to show that our hearts indeed have been changed.

A parishioner (we call her St. Ann) has a passion for feeding those who cannot provide regularly for themselves.  Because of her love for the Lord and His people, she has spearheaded a ministry at Faith Mission.

Once a quarter, we  provide a Saturday lunch for the men and women of the homeless shelter downtown. This is not a small undertaking, for up to 250 folks need lunch on a given day.

Perhaps you are interested in sharing a bit of yourself. Or perhaps you want your children or friends to have an opportunity to give right along with you.

If you feel God is calling you to be a part of this ministry in some tangible way–by shopping, cooking, delivering, or serving the meal–you can contact St. Ann by clicking here.

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