Anglican Prayer Beads

Dr. Dowling delivers prayer beads to congregants on April 2, 2017

Have you ever struggled to stay focused when you pray?  Does your mind drift from place to place?

Do you know about using prayer beads to keep your focus as you are talking to God?

Dr. Monroe and Judy Dowling from St. Augustine’s researched the concept of Anglican prayer beads, and found that prayer beads have been used since the 8th century BC to help individuals in their prayer and meditation.

When St. Augustine’s was a brand new church, this couple designed prayer beads for each person in the congregation, and they constructed a prayer to use with the beads. Then, as Dr. Dowling said, for a couple of years, he was “lazy,” and ceasing making the beads. (Truth be told, this dedicated family man had other tasks to take his time for those he loved.)

Now, Dr. Monroe and Judy are back in the Anglican bead business.  In March, after Bible Study, Fr. Kevin blessed a whole bag of new beads, and new members received them on Sunday, April 2nd.

One parishioner now uses his beads at the end of the day to say his prayers to the Lord right before going to sleep. Another uses the beads during her daily devotions to guide her prayers for her family and herself. Another held his beads in worship and prayer as he visited a chapel during the week.  Another parishioner has discovered podcasts to guide you in the praying of the Anglican rosary.

If  you are seeking new ways to improve your time with God, you might try praying with beads. If you did not receive your beads, and you are a new member of the parish, see Dr. Dowling and his bride for your very own.

Come join Monroe and Judy Dowling on Sunday  to pray the Anglican beads before church. We will gather at 9:45 and will be finished in 10 minutes. Bring your beads and your prayer concerns. You will be blessed.



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